North Cove Music

North Cove Music is a guitar institution dedicated to inspiring and developing students of all ages in the technical and artistic aspects of not only playing the guitar but making music!

Mike Dorio, who is the sole proprietor of North Cove Music has been playing and studying music for almost 40 years. In his college years at Five Towns he studied under both jazz guitarist Joe Carbone and Pete Rogine. Graduating in 1980 with a degree in music performance, Mike began to tour with various bands ranging from Top 40 to Country to Blues, all the while gathering knowledge of each style and passing it along to his students. In the 90’s he hooked up with jazz great Billy Bauer for his advanced studies. This resulted in multiple Broadway performances ,with shows such as Movin’ Out, Swing, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Jersey Boys Mike is now committed to passing this knowledge on thru North Cove Music.

Patience, organization and discipline are key when teaching music, particularly guitar. The areas of study the beginning guitarist will learn are:

1. How to hold the guitar properly.
2. Finger technique
3. Basic chords
4. Applying finger technique and basic chords “in time”.
5. Playing pop tunes as well as some folk tunes

At the intermediate level of study, reading and writing music are introduced, as well as music theory. Students will be playing more involved songs as bar chords and improvisation are introduced.

At the advanced level students really start to dissect how the notes are laid out on the fretboard.They will study different chord inversions, and different styles of music, as well as copy favorite guitar solos to help with improvisation.

Remember each lesson is tailored to the individual that is studying. So although the areas of study are the same, the way that information is conveyed varies from student to student. This keeps each student motivated to reach their goal.

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